Farhanah Baraba

Designer Name: Farhanah Yunus Baraba
Educational Background:
  1. 2013 -2014: Fashion Design and Production Studio Bercot Paris
  2. 2012 -2013: French Intensive Course, Sorbonne Paris
  3. 2005 - 2006: Fashion Design, Pettern & Sewing, ESMOD Jakarta
  4. 2002 - 2005: High School, Al-Irsyad Tegal

Achievement: Juara 2 NYPD 2016
Brand Name / Establish: Baraba by Farhanah & Fairus Baraba
Signature Style: Simple, Feminine and Strong

Website & Social Media: Instagram: @barabaofficial
Quote For JF3: Don`t be affraid to create the dress of your dream
Participation in JF3 (Years): JF3 2017, JF3 2022

La Femme

La Femme in French means `women`. Argueably, women being God`s most perfect creature. The woman`s physical beauty and the softness of her heart which also shows strength at the same time inspired the new stars of the Indonesian fashion industry, Farhanah & Fairuz Baraba being the strong power behind the newly developed `BARABA` fashion brand in their Fall/winter 2017 collections.

Asymetric silhouette, ruffle, jumpsuit, mermaid as well as volume are very much apparent in their current collections which have strong feminine touch. Red, gold, navy and white colors were chosen to be the dominant colors complimented with sequin and pearl-work details.

Woven feather from garut was selected as the main fabric combined with lace and duchess to create luxurious and elegant look.

Here you are, `La femme` fall/winter 2017 collections from `BARABA`.

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